• 2018 Marconi Society Symposium: Restoring Trust in the Internet

    October 2, 2018, Bologna, Italy

  • 2018 Marconi Prize Winner

    Tom Leighton, honored for his fundamental contributions to the technology and establishment of content delivery networks.

  • The Information Era: Past, Present and Future

    The Technion and Eitan Yaakobi host Marconi Fellows Andrew Viterbi and Jacob Ziv.

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  • Doubling Wireless Bandwidth: Just the Tip of the Iceberg

    What happens when incremental improvement in integrated circuits is not good enough?

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Marconi Prize

Honoring individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of communications.

Paul Baran Young Scholar Award

Recognizing outstanding young scientists and engineers who have demonstrated exceptional capabilities and potential.

Upcoming Events

Sharing events covering key technology and policy issues in communications and the Internet.

Marconi Society News

Marconi Society Young Scholar Yihong Wu Creates New Tools for Digging Into Data

Original Article from Yale News By Jim Shelton | July 12, 2018 Somewhere, buried deep inside mountains of information, awaits the human dimension of data. It’s the small subset of material that, when properly selected, sheds light…

$5 Million Gift Will Establish UCLA Center on the Future of Computer Networking

Original Article from UCLA Newsroom Matthew Chin | July 11, 2018 UCLA Connection Lab is inspired by Professor Leonard Kleinrock’s role as a founding father of the internet A $5 million gift to the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering in honor…

Marconi Fellows Viterbi and Ziv Join Young Scholar Yaakobi at The Technion

The Marconi Society Conference 2018 The Technion's Computer Science department held The Marconi Society conference: "The Information Era: Past, Present and Future", on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018. Guest of honor was Prof. Andrew Viterbi,…

2018-2019 ACM Athena Lecturer Awarded to Marconi Society Board Member Andrea Goldsmith

Original Article 2018-2019 ACM Athena Lecturer ACM named Andrea Goldsmith of Stanford University the 2018-2019 Athena Lecturer for contributions to the theory and practice of adaptive wireless communications, and for the successful transfer…

Marconi Fellow Sir David N. Payne Receives Esteemed Royal Award on Behalf of the University of Southampton

Professor Sir David Payne, Chairman Emeritus of the Marconi Society and Director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), received the highly-prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education on behalf of the University…

Marconi Society Blog

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Bringing the Spirit of the Internet to New Connected Technologies

Coauthored by Leonard Kleinrock and Paula Reinman UCLA recently announced the creation of the UCLA Connection Lab, funded by a $5M gift to the Samueli School of Engineering from the Sunday Group. This generous gift honors UCLA Professor…
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Is Blockchain Today’s Shiny New Toy or the Latest Technology for Secure, Complex Transactions?

Coauthored by Vint Cerf, Leonard Kleinrock, and Salman Baset. When industry leaders Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, Len Kleinrock, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at UCLA and Salman Baset, CTO Security for IBM Blockchain…

Around Our Connected World

I have been traveling a lot this year and would like to share some observations. I was in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing for two days each in May. China is serious about its push to extend knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence…
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The First 5G Radio Standards: A Strong Beginning with Much More to Come

By Mr. Alexander Chassaigne Ricciulli (Telefonica), Mr. Javier Lorca (Telefonica), and Prof. Ana Garcia Armada (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) Wireless communications are nowadays at the heart of any economic, industrial and societal…

Marconi’s First Transmission

Guglielmo Marconi The following is a translation from the Italian of a tape in which Guglielmo Marconi describes in his own words the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic on December 12, 1901. I am pleased to be able to recollect,…

Marconi Society Events

2018 Marconi Fellow Tom Leighton to be Honored in Bologna

October 2, 2018 – Bologna, Italy The 2018 Marconi Awards Dinner (Palazzo Re Enzo; by invitation only) will take place October 2nd. The event honors Professor F. Thomson Leighton, cofounder of Akamai Technologies, for his contributions to…

2018 Marconi Symposium, “Restoring Trust on the Internet”

October 2, 2018, 9 a.m. Honoring the 2018 Marconi Fellow, Akamai cofounder F. Thomson Leighton, the program explores how technology and regulation are addressing problems that have led to rising threats and diminishing trust on the Internet. …

Marconi Fellows Andrew Viterbi and Jacob Ziv to Join Young Scholar Eitan Yaakobi at The Technion

Tuesday, April 24, Technion, Haifa, Israel Join Marconi Fellows Andrew Viterbi and Jacob Ziv, along with 2009 Young Scholar Eitan Yaakobi, for a special session at the Technion to discuss the future of communications. For an invitation,…

Marconi Fellows Arogyaswami Paulraj and Ronald Rivest to be Inducted Into the National Inventors Hall of Fame

Thursday, May 3, 2018, National Museum Building, Washington, DC Marconi Fellows Arogyaswami Paulraj and Ronald Rivest will join other Marconi Fellows, including Martin E. Hellman, Irwin Jacobs, Robert Metcalfe, Andrew Viterbi and others as…
Brad Parkinson

Join Us for a Meet-Up at the IEEE Honors Ceremony

Thursday, May 10, Palace Hotel, San Francisco Join Marconi Society Young Scholars and Fellows for an informal meet-up in conjunction with the IEEE Honors Ceremony, recognizing Marconi Fellow Brad Parkinson as the 2018 Medal of Honor recipient. For…

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