• The Marconi Society

    Supporting Scientific Achievements in Communications and the Internet that Significantly Benefit Mankind.

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  • 2016 Marconi Prize Winner

    Bradford Parkinson, honored for his technical leadership in the design and development of the Global Positioning System, will receive the award at a ceremony in Mountain View, California, on November 2, 2016.

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    Bradford Parkinson Marconi Prize 2016
  • Young Scholars Program

    The Paul Baran Young Scholars is a community of young scientists advancing the frontiers of telecommunications in emerging fields that are likely to be in the forefront of future applications.

  • Marconi Fellows

    Recipients of the Marconi Prize, designated Marconi Fellows, have contributed significantly to virtually every aspect of modern communications technology.


Upcoming Events

Sharing events critical to the development of telecommunications and the internet.

Paul Baran Young Scholar Award

Recognizing outstanding young scientists and engineers who have demonstrated exceptional capabilities and potential.

Marconi Prize

Honoring those who make significant contributions to telecommunications and the internet.

Marconi Society Events

Marconi Technology and Entrepreneurship Symposium

Marconi Technology and Entrepreneurship Symposium

April 13, 2016, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Featuring a Student Poster Session and Talks From Startup Entrepreneurs The Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholars will be hosting a Technology and Entrepreneurship Symposium on April 13 in the LIDS…

Marconi Society News

Bradford Parkinson Marconi Prize 2016

Stanford Professor Bradford Parkinson, Father of GPS, to Receive the 2016 Marconi Prize

Mountain View, CA, May 16, 2016 Dr. Bradford Parkinson, a Stanford professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, will receive the 2016 Marconi Prize, a pinnacle honor in the field of information and communication science. The $100,000 prize,…
Marconi Award Nominations

Marconi Society Seeking 2017 Nominations

Marconi Society is Seeking Nominations for Its Two Awards Programs, the 2017 Marconi Prize and the 2016 Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Awards • Mountain View, CA • The $100,000 Marconi Prize is awarded annually to a living scientist…

Marconi Society Blog


Beyond the Mapping Frenzy: Driverless Cars Will Depend on Highly Accurate GPS

The current money in the driverless car market is on mapping. Maps will play a key role in helping automated vehicles determine their exact location by comparing their sensor outputs (what they see) to this mapping data (what they should…
Network optimization

How the World's Brightest Young Engineers Are Helping Us Connect Everything

  Connecting everyone and everything in a safe and productive way is one of the holy grails of our time. Of course this means that you’ll be able to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones the moment it comes out. It also means…

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