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Marconi Fellow Brad Parkinson: A grave threat to GPS and GNSS

By Bradford Parkinson Vice-chair, U.S. PNT Advisory Board In the coming months, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may allow high-powered, ground-based, communication transmitters to broadcast at a frequency near GPS L1. U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) tests have shown that such transmitters effectively become jammers for many existing GPS receivers. I believe that this possibility […]

Q&A With Thomas Kailath: Recipient of the Marconi Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award

The Stanford professor emeritus discusses his contributions to information and system science By MONICA ROZENFELD 27 October 2017 from the Institute, the IEEE News Source The Marconi Society, which promotes awareness of key technology and policy issues in communications and the Internet, honored IEEE Life Fellow Thomas Kailath this month with its Lifetime Achievement Award. […]

Marconi Fellow Bob Metcalfe on Encouraging More Startups at the University of Texas at Austin

By Hojun Choi, Silicon Hills News University of Texas president Greg Fenves and Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet, explored ways that universities can have a bigger impact on the world at the “Research Universities Should be Better at Startups” session at South by Southwest. Metcalfe, professor of innovation at the Cockrell School of Engineering at […]