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Marconi Fellow Tim Berners-Lee Wins Prestigious Turing Award

CSAIL researcher honored for inventing the web and developing the protocols that spurred its global use. MIT Professor Tim Berners-Lee, the researcher who invented the World Wide Web and is one of the world’s most influential voices for online privacy and government transparency, has won the most prestigious honor in computer science, the Association for […]

Marconi Society Sponors WCNC2017 Poster Session for IEEE Communications Society

In keeping with its commitment to encouraging young scientists in communications-related fields, the Marconi Society sponsored the poster session at WCNC2017, an annual meeting of the IEEE Communications Society.  WCNC2017 was co-chaired this year by Dr. Andrea Goldsmith, Stanford Electrical Engineering Professor and a Marconi director. The session drew 28 posters and demonstrations from around […]

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One Thing You Can Do Today For the Future of Research

By Paula Reinman Calling all scientists and engineers dedicated to making the world a better place through breakthroughs in communications and networking: we have an opportunity for you! While funding cuts, policy stalemates and university politics may sometimes get you down, here is something you can do today to help ensure the future of innovative research. You […]


One Thing You Can Do to Help a Young Researcher’s Career

Do you know an outstanding young researcher in networking and communications? Each year the Marconi Society, dedicated to furthering scientific achievements in communications and related technologies, searches the world for a diverse group of visionary young people whose work already is having a significant impact on improving existing communications technologies and developing new ones. In honor […]


Unreliable Machine Learning

By Vint Cerf I’m not an expert in machine learning, so this essay is likely to expose this fact. Machine learning has been in the news increasingly in the past few years with the occasional spectacular headline, such as “AlphaGo Beats World Champion Go Player!” or “Self-Driving Cars Pass Two Million Miles on the Road!” […]

Georgia Tech Named as One of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering, led by Marconi Society Board Member and George P. Imlay Jr. Dean of Computing Zvi Galil, has been named to Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies in 2017 for its innovative Online Masters of Science Computer Science program.  Learn more about the degree here.   Developed in partnership with […]

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Marconi Society Young Scholar Award: The Nomination that Can Change your Career

Are you laser-focused on innovations in communications and the Internet that will significantly benefit people everywhere? Have you persevered against incredible odds to show that your ideas will work and can change the status quo? If you are a visionary thinker, a tenacious champion of your research and a generous collaborator, there is an award […]