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The First 5G Radio Standards: A Strong Beginning with Much More to Come

By Mr. Alexander Chassaigne Ricciulli (Telefonica), Mr. Javier Lorca (Telefonica), and Prof. Ana Garcia Armada (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) Wireless communications are nowadays at the heart of any economic, industrial and societal progress in the world. Telecommunications operators are constantly fostering the development of interoperable technologies to enable them to provide wireless services everywhere, at any time, through any […]


Marconi’s First Transmission

Guglielmo Marconi The following is a translation from the Italian of a tape in which Guglielmo Marconi describes in his own words the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic on December 12, 1901. I am pleased to be able to recollect, in a few words, the experiment of the first long distance radio telegraphic transmissions […]


IoT Security for Policymakers

Originally published by the Internet Society   Introduction The open nature of the Internet creates the ability to connect devices, applications and services on a scale that transforms the way we interact with our environment and our society. The Internet of Things (IoT) carries enormous potential to change our world for the better. Projections for […]

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Public Service Baked In

By Vint Cerf Public service seems to be baked into the DNA of the Marconi Fellows and Young Scholars. I thought about this at a meeting we held with the FCC in Washington DC in March. Our board was convening in DC and we offered to meet with FCC staff on any topic they wanted to […]


Engineering in the Twilight of Moore’s Law

It’s all about finding and riding the big waves By Robert W Lucky I’ve been hearing about the impending end of Moore’s Law for so many years that I’ve become skeptical of all the claims of doom. Like the Little Engine That Could, Moore’s Law keeps chugging along. Nonetheless, it has definitely reached the huffing […]

2018-2019 ACM Athena Lecturer Awarded to Marconi Society Board Member Andrea Goldsmith

Original Article 2018-2019 ACM Athena Lecturer ACM named Andrea Goldsmith of Stanford University the 2018-2019 Athena Lecturer for contributions to the theory and practice of adaptive wireless communications, and for the successful transfer of research to commercial technology. Goldsmith introduced innovative approaches to the design, analysis and fundamental performance limits of wireless systems and networks. […]

Marconi Fellow Sir David N. Payne Receives Esteemed Royal Award on Behalf of the University of Southampton

Professor Sir David Payne, Chairman Emeritus of the Marconi Society and Director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), received the highly-prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education on behalf of the University of Southampton in recognition of its world-leading expertise in photonics and fibre optic technology. The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes are the UK’s […]