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Indian Scientist Wins Marconi Lifetime Prize

By The Times of India Kailath Honoured For Tech Work Over 60 Yrs Thomas Kailath, who grew up in Pune and is now an emeritus professor at Stanford, has been conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award by the US-based Marconi Society .This is only the sixth time the lifetime award has been given by the prestigious […]

Two Scientists of Indian Origin to Receive Prestigious American Science Awards

By News India The Marconi Society, an American organization dedicated to furthering scientific achievements in communications and the Internet, has bestowed its  Lifetime Achievement Award on Stanford Professor Thomas Kailath. This is only the sixth time in the Society’s 43-year history that the award has been given. Kailath will receive his award at the annual […]

Renaissance Man of Telecom

Written by Anand Parthasarathy, Deccan Chronicle This is only the sixth time in the society’s almost half century history that the award has been given. The US-based Marconi Society, has conferred on legendary Stanford University professor, Thomas Kailath, its Lifetime Achievement Award. This is only the sixth time in the society’s almost half century history that […]


How to Create Tomorrow’s Leaders: Educate Locally to Enrich Globally

By Paula Reinman Coauthored by Himanshu Asnani Can you take two seemingly unrelated problems with our current education model and create a new learning approach to address both of them while inspiring society’s next generation of leaders? That should not be too difficult! It’s a challenge happily taken on by Himanshu Asnani, 2015 Marconi Society Young […]


5G For All: Busting Myths With Measurement

By Paula Reinman Co-authored by George MacCartney, Jr. Are you waiting impatiently to get that amazing virtual reality experience in your living room, or chomping at the bit to have high-speed internet at your rural farm, or planning to stream 4K TV on the go? What you probably don’t know is that these exciting new […]


ConversatioNIST: The Internet and Cybersecurity

Donna Dodson, Associate Director and Chief Cyber Security Advisor, and Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and former NIST VCAT member, have a wide-ranging discussion about the past, present and future of the internet, network security, and what it would take to successfully, safely and reliably merge the digital and physical worlds, a concept known […]


Trustworthiness and Truthfulness Are Essential

Their Absence Can Introduce Huge Risks By Peter G. Neumann Trustworthiness is fundamental to our technologies and to our human relationships. Over-trusting something that is not trustworthy often leads to bad results. Not trusting something that really is trustworthy can also be harmful. Trustworthiness should be a basic requirement of all computer-related systems — particularly […]