Marconi Fellows Selection Criteria

The Marconi Society’s Selection Advisory Committee evaluates all nominations and makes its recommendations to the Marconi Society Board of Directors, which has responsibility for the final selection of the Marconi Prize recipient. In forming its recommendations, the Selection Advisory Committee considers the scientific importance and the practical impact of the nominee’s work, the nominee’s entrepreneurship, humanitarianism and personal integrity, as well as the nominee’s potential to contribute to the activities of the Marconi Society.

Please assemble the following information before filling out the online nomination form. You will not be able to save a partially completed form:

  1. The nominee’s curriculum vitae;
  2. The nominee’s publication list (including patents) together with copies of at most two of his/her major publications;
  3. A list of awards and honors received by the nominee;
  4. The current address and contact information for the nominee; and
  5. At least two references in addition to the nominator, from recognized individuals who have substantial knowledge of the candidate’s work (up to five are permitted.) No more than two of the nominator/references can have been affiliated with the candidate’s institution(s) in the past five years (nominator plus one reference.)In addition, you will need:
  • A proposed award citation for the nominee,
  • A description of the scientific and practical importance of the individual’s work
  • A description of nominee’s entrepreneurial achievements (optional)