Dr. Dorothy Okello

Eng. Dr. Dorothy Okello is the principal investigator at netLabs!UG, Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Makerere University and Director of Innovation, Eastern Africa Resilience Innovations Lab (EA RILab).  Dr. Okello is also the faculty member responsible for the Celestini Project in Uganda.  She is an activist in the area of women’s rights and empowerment and has founded and served as a board member of a number of organizations dedicated to economic advancement in Uganda.

Networks to Support First Responders

April 18, 2019/by Paula Reinman
Marconi Society 6G

Wireless Communication and Applications Above 100 GHz: Opportunities and Challenges for 6G and Beyond

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A New Day for Cryptography: Enabling Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptographers Paul Kocher and Taher Elgamal Awarded The 2019 Marconi Prize

Cryptographers Paul Kocher and Taher Elgamal Awarded The 2019 Marconi Prize

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A Step Toward the Quantum Internet

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Indian Students Bag US Award for Developing Innovative App to Check Air Quality Index Levels

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Delhi pollution: Indian students build air-quality measuring app Air Congnizer

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Marconi Women in STEM

The Pink Wave in STEM – Starting in Middle School

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A Conceptual Basis for Managing Information on the Internet

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Sparking Young Minds to Solve Air Pollution and Traffic Fatality Problems

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Middle School Student Develops Novel Solar Panel System; Wins $25,000 Top Award in the National Broadcom MASTERS Competition

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2018 Marconi Society Symposium: Restoring Trust on the Internet

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A Tribute to My Mother, Gioia Marconi Braga: Founder of the Marconi Society

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