Marconi Fellows Attend “Extra-ordinary” Event At Bell Labs for Claude Shannon Centennial

L to R: Herwig Kogelnik, Bob Metcalf, Irwin Jacobs, Bob Tkach, A. J. Paulraj, Len Kleinrock, Andrew Chraplyvy, Bob Lucky, Dave Forney, Bob Gallager. Bell Labs hosted an “extra-ordinary” event April 28th for a man who built a juggling…

Practical Advice for Would-be Entrepreneurs at Young Scholar Event at MIT

Money is not a constraint to start-up growth, says Alok Tayi, the co-founder of TetraScience, an Internet-of-Things company founded to modernize research by bringing cloud software to the laboratory. He spoke last week at a symposium sponsored…
Ron Rivest

Marconi Fellow Ron Rivest Is Worried About Internet Voting

MIT Professor Ron Rivest, credited with the development of the encryption that allows secure transactions over the Internet, ought to know a thing or two about security. So when he says he is worried about moving toward Internet voting, people…
Michael Marconi Braga

Michael Marconi Braga Rejoins Marconi Board

Michael Marconi Braga, the son of Marconi Society founder Gioia Marconi Braga and grandson of Guglielmo Marconi, has rejoined the Marconi Society’s board of directors. Mr. Braga had an earlier stint on the board and was very involved with…
Marconi Young Scholars

Young Scholars at the Royal

Yodit Stanton on Open Data, SAM Labs on IOT Tools and Ales Teska on IOT Security During the October 20th Marconi Symposium at the Royal Society, the Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholars are presenting three talks. October 20, 2015 12:30…
Vint Cerf Visits Cuba

Vint Cerf Visits Cuba

Marconi Fellow Vint Cerf gave an unusual talk recently in Cuba, providing an audience of Communications Ministry officials and recent computer science graduates with a history of the Internet and Google’s projects to bring it to less developed…
Ray Tomlinson
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Vint Cerf Remembers Ray Tomlinson

By Hatti Hamlin While Marconi Vice-chair Cerf worked in California on the early implementation of TCP, Ray Tomlinson did related worked at BBN in Massachusetts, Tomlinson, who died at 74, wrote one of the first implementations of TCP. He's…
Diffie and Hellman

Fellows Hellman & Rivest & 44 Top Techs

By Hatti Hamlin Apple iPhone Search "Undermines Security" & may be "Unconstitutional" Marty Hellman, with colleague Whit Diffie, just won the $1M ACM Alan Turing Award. Ron Rivest won the Turing Award in 2002. After 40 years, their…
Ted Rapport

Ted Rappaport Keynoting Major FCC Hearing on Millimeter Wave

By Hatti Hamlin FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel sees a high frequency future. "We will need to bust through this old 3 GHz ceiling and create new possibilities for millimeter wave spectrum in the airwaves at 24 GHz and above. This is…
Diffie and Hellman

Diffie and Hellman Win ACM Turing Award

By Hatti Hamlin 2000 Marconi Fellows Marty Hellman and Whit Diffie have just been awarded the 2016 Turing Award. The full text of the announcement can be found here. The award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for computing.”…