Kanchana Raman

Vision 2020 – Marconi Event at Georgia Tech

Vint Cerf Keynote, Kanchana Raman on "Women in Technology" and Marconi Young Scholar Aakanksha Chowdhery at Georgia Tech Palo Alto, CA • Kanchana Raman, the founder/CEO of AVION Systems, has agreed to join our final session at The Marconi…
Marconi Wireless Manhattan

Marconi Wireless Cocktail

Back in the 1930s, Manhattans were commonly made with applejack. This recipe, inspired by a variation from the "Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book," uses a high-proof apple brandy to amp up apple flavors. The Marconi Wireless Cocktail 1½ ounces…
Gordon Moore

Samueli: Moore's Law is Marching On – But Not Forever

"Moore's Law is marching on,"2012 Marconi Fellow Henry Samueli tells Rick Merritt of EE Times. At the 2012 Marconi Symposium, Samueli warned about the inevitable end of Moore’s Law. Not yet, though. "There are two to three more generations…
Ted Rapport

As 5G aims for market in 2018, Ted Rappaport says, "It will work!"

Marconi Board member Ted Rappaport has just won the 2015 IEEE Donald G. Fink Award for the year's best paper, Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular: It Will Work!. NYU Professor Ted does 5G research that attracts CTOs and others…

Helmut Bolcskei's Tribute to Paulraj

Distinguished ETH Professor Bolcskei is a long time friend and colleague of Paul and included many anecdotes in the speech introducing him at the award ceremony. Dear Professor Sir Payne, Dr. Cerf, Marconi Fellows, Consul General Parthasarathi,…
Martin Cooper

Marty Cooper and Jessica Rosenworcel: Here's How to Expand Wireless Spectrum

Marconi Fellow Marty Cooper and FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wrote an article for the San Jose Mercury News urging "a contest to spur innovation to improve spectrum efficiency.,, The first person who finds a way to make spectrum use…
Avi Galil

Zvi Galil: Proving Grounds for a New Model for Higher Education

Marconi Board Member Zvi Galil, Dean at the Georgia Tech College of Computing, makes the case that online learning, developed properly, can result in learning attainments fully the equal of in-person classes—but doesn't necessarily think that…
David D. Clark

Dave Clark: Congestion is at Interconnections, Not ISP Core

Dave Clark of MIT is in the Internet Hall of Fame for his pioneering work. Recently, he has been examining major ISP networks to see where the bottlenecks are. His findings may surprise some people given all the talk of congestion and problems.…
Vint Cerf

D.C. October 2nd: Seven Marconi Fellows, leading experts in communication, at Marconi Symposium

Do join the Marconi Fellows at our annual symposium, Internet 2025. It will be at the National Academies of Engineering and Science Building. It will also be webcast with the help of the Internet Society. The presenters include: Marty…
Vint Cerf
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Vint Cerf: We owe to ourselves and to those who will follow us: improving the safety and security of the Internet while preserving its freedoms

Istanbul, September 1. At the Internet Governance Forum, Marconi Fellow Vint Cerf shared some thoughts after 40 years on the net. He called for "Cooperation and Collaboration on a global scale" in a speech in the style of Marcus Aurelius.…