From the Marconi Symposium: A New Imaging Paradigm for the Age of Visual Information

By Paula Reinman

In early October, the Marconi Society honored Marconi Prize winner Arun Netravali with a Symposium focused on digital video, hosted by Nokia Bell Labs.

Shree Nayar, The T. C. Chang Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University and head of Columbia Vision Laboratory (CAVE) which develops advanced computer vision systems, spoke about his work to create a new imaging paradigm for the age of visual information.

Nayar notes that visual communication is now dominating our world, with nearly 1 billion daily active users on Snapchat and Instagram alone.

In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) is exploding and computer vision is a large part of this revolution as we build machines with the ability to see. Whether we’re talking about cameras in self-driving cars, video from mobile phones used for entertainment or citizen journalism or footage from security devices that helps keep us safe, we are experiencing an exponential increase in the amount of video available.

Both of these trends require breakthroughs in imaging. Nearly 2B cameras were sold worldwide in the past 12 months – an astounding number considering that there are fewer than 7B people on earth.

We are in the midst of an imaging revolution moving from traditional imaging to computational imaging.

Dr. Nayar tells us about this revolution and about some of the world’s leading research into this new imaging paradigm. Watch his video to see how cameras will never be the same again.