Marconi’s First Message

Canadian author, Lisa Moore, is inspired by Guglielmo Marconi’s innovations to connect us all.


Published May 18, 2017 – The Globe and Mail

He was not at the table. Then he was at the table without ever crossing the room. My head jerked up. The windows all around him black. The white collar was the first thing to form in the dark, floating just under his chin. The white cuffs, poking out of the dark wool jacket, also floating. That is all there is of him at first.

He coughs. Two slime-clotted hacks.

Then the rest of him becomes visible, as though the cough has made him seep through the fabric of the dark. Made him coalesce at the end of the table. A cold draft circles my ankles.

The boy they had polishing the silver yesterday saying the devil. Taking the sheets off the line with Sarah Callahan, them stiff as boards because of the frost, me and her having to bend them up to get them in the basket, and she saying the letter S was for Satan. There were others saying he could contact the dead with his secret box. They talked about how he held himself. They said confidence. They said money.