Steve Crocker

Marconi Society Chair Vint Cerf's Take on Steve Crocker's Tenure at ICANN

From Net Policy News Term limited. Steve writes, We have term limits for directors, no more than three consecutive three year terms.  I have reached my limit and am leaving the Board. The Board’s chair is chosen each year by the Board.…
Thomas Kailath

Indian Scientist Wins Marconi Lifetime Prize

By The Times of India Kailath Honoured For Tech Work Over 60 Yrs Thomas Kailath, who grew up in Pune and is now an emeritus professor at Stanford, has been conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award by the US-based Marconi Society .This is only…

Two Scientists of Indian Origin to Receive Prestigious American Science Awards

By News India The Marconi Society, an American organization dedicated to furthering scientific achievements in communications and the Internet, has bestowed its  Lifetime Achievement Award on Stanford Professor Thomas Kailath. This is…
Thomas Kailath

Renaissance Man of Telecom

Written by Anand Parthasarathy, Deccan Chronicle This is only the sixth time in the society’s almost half century history that the award has been given. The US-based Marconi Society, has conferred on legendary Stanford University professor,…

Why the Smart Home and Smart Enterprise Are More Connected Than Ever Before

Your smart home could be the site of the next organizational data breach, which is why there has never been a better time than now to mitigate IoT risk. By Ofer Amitai, OIT Journal Imagine: You're sitting at home on a conference call…

ConversatioNIST: The Internet and Cybersecurity

Donna Dodson, Associate Director and Chief Cyber Security Advisor, and Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and former NIST VCAT member, have a wide-ranging discussion about the past, present and future of the internet, network security,…
Marconi Society

Netravali Gets Marconi Prize for Digital Video

From The Times of India Engineer-scientist Arun Netravali, who grew up in Mumbai and pioneered work on video compression standards, has been awarded the prestigious Marconi Prize.
Arun Netrevali

Arun Netravali, Former Bell Labs President and Digital Video Pioneer, Awarded the 2017 Marconi Prize

Enabled today’s digital TV, HDTV and video services by pioneering the key base MPEG technology MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, June 15, 2017 The Marconi Society, dedicated to furthering scientific achievements in communications and related technologies,…

The Ethics of the Internet of Things Ecosystem

By Vint Cerf I’ve written on this topic before, mostly in the context of the Internet. I would like to focus now on products and services developed by engineers. “Ethics” is derived from the Greek ethos, which is defined as the characteristic…
Marconi Society

Bob Tkach on the Potential of the Marconi Society

Each time you quickly grab information from the Internet, watch a video that streams smoothly or have a great Facetime or Skype connection with someone on the other side of the world, you can thank Bob Tkach. Together with Andrew Chraplyvy,…