Don't Blame It On GPS!

By Hatti Hamlin How often have you heard someone complain that “GPS got us totally lost”? 2016 Marconi Fellow Brad Parkinson, widely considered the “father of GPS”, has news for you.  “GPS is not to blame! It doesn’t tell you…

We Need to Protect and Strengthen GPS, says Brad Parkinson, 2016 Marconi Fellow

By Hatti Hamlin Stanford Professor Emeritus Brad Parkinson has spent his life developing and improving GPS—an often uphill battle, but one he’s consistently won.  Now he worries that the global utility he’s spent almost his entire…

IEEE Honors David Forney, A Founder of the Modem Industry

Marconi Fellow David Forney, adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) at MIT, will receive the 2016 Institute of Electrical and Electronics…

Marconi Fellows Attend “Extra-ordinary” Event At Bell Labs for Claude Shannon Centennial

L to R: Herwig Kogelnik, Bob Metcalf, Irwin Jacobs, Bob Tkach, A. J. Paulraj, Len Kleinrock, Andrew Chraplyvy, Bob Lucky, Dave Forney, Bob Gallager. Bell Labs hosted an “extra-ordinary” event April 28th for a man who built a juggling…
Ron Rivest

Marconi Fellow Ron Rivest Is Worried About Internet Voting

MIT Professor Ron Rivest, credited with the development of the encryption that allows secure transactions over the Internet, ought to know a thing or two about security. So when he says he is worried about moving toward Internet voting, people…
Ray Tomlinson
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Vint Cerf Remembers Ray Tomlinson

By Hatti Hamlin While Marconi Vice-chair Cerf worked in California on the early implementation of TCP, Ray Tomlinson did related worked at BBN in Massachusetts, Tomlinson, who died at 74, wrote one of the first implementations of TCP. He's…
Marconi Fellow Bob Kahn

Fellows Hellman & Rivest & 44 Top Techs

By Hatti Hamlin Apple iPhone Search "Undermines Security" & may be "Unconstitutional" Marty Hellman, with colleague Whit Diffie, just won the $1M ACM Alan Turing Award. Ron Rivest won the Turing Award in 2002. After 40 years, their…
Diffie and Hellman

Diffie and Hellman Win ACM Turing Award

By Hatti Hamlin 2000 Marconi Fellows Marty Hellman and Whit Diffie have just been awarded the 2016 Turing Award. The full text of the announcement can be found here. The award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for computing.”…
Marconi Fellow Len Kleinrock
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Kleinrock, Kahn Appear in Werner Herzog Doc About the Net

By Hatti Hamlin On October 29, 1969, Marconi Fellow Len Kleinrock's student Charlie Kline typed "L-O" then the connection was lost. An hour later, the full L-O-G-I-N was successful. Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog has made Lo and Behold;…
Marconi Fellow Bob Kahn
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Bob Kahn – Historical Perspective on the Internet

By Hatti Hamlin Marconi Fellow Bob Kahn, considered one of the Fathers of the Internet, provides historical perspective on the development of the Internet for the Technology Policy Institute. At the heart of the debate over the FCC’s…