Marconi Society Mourns Board Member Joseph Traub

Professor Joseph Traub, a longtime Marconi Society Board Member whose teaching and computer research spanned six decades, died August 24th in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was 83. Prof. Traub originally set out to be a physicist, but a 1954 visit…
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Vint Cerf Explains Project to Stem "Bit Rot"

By Hatti Hamlin "Your digital images, videos and documents may rot away if you can no longer run the application software that helped you create them." Vint Cerf worries about a digital Dark Age. Interviewed by NPR host Bob Garfield…

NYU Wireless tops world rankings in 5G wireless

Marconi longtime board member Ted Rappaport's research center was listed as first in the world in rankings by Fierce Wireless, a leading online publication, Rated fourth worldwide was Stanford, where no fewer than four Marconi Fellows work.…
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Two Marconi Fellows Among Experts Opposing Special Government Access to Encrypted Communication

By Hatti Hamlin Marconi Fellows Whit Diffie and Ron Rivest are among 14 preeminent cryptographers who have published a paper weighing in on British and U.S. Intelligence agency efforts to require tech companies to supply them with special…
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Marty Cooper & Bob Kahn receive ITU 150 Award

By Hatti Hamlin Marconi Fellows Bob Kahn and Marty Cooper are headed to Geneva for the ITU's celebration of the 150th anniversary. They'll be receiving awards May 17th along with Bill Gates, Ken Sakamura, Mark Krivocheev and Thomas Wiegand.…
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Joe Lechlieder, whose DSL is now in 500M homes

By Hatti Hamlin Marconi Fellow John Cioffi always gave credit to Joe Lechleider of Bellcore for being first to imagine what became DSL. Steve Lohr wrote in Lechleider’s recent New York Times obiturary. "Mr. Lechleider contributed a key…
Gordon Moore

Samueli: Moore's Law is Marching On – But Not Forever

"Moore's Law is marching on,"2012 Marconi Fellow Henry Samueli tells Rick Merritt of EE Times. At the 2012 Marconi Symposium, Samueli warned about the inevitable end of Moore’s Law. Not yet, though. "There are two to three more generations…
Ted Rapport

As 5G aims for market in 2018, Ted Rappaport says, "It will work!"

Marconi Board member Ted Rappaport has just won the 2015 IEEE Donald G. Fink Award for the year's best paper, Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular: It Will Work!. NYU Professor Ted does 5G research that attracts CTOs and others…

Helmut Bolcskei's Tribute to Paulraj

Distinguished ETH Professor Bolcskei is a long time friend and colleague of Paul and included many anecdotes in the speech introducing him at the award ceremony. Dear Professor Sir Payne, Dr. Cerf, Marconi Fellows, Consul General Parthasarathi,…
Martin Cooper

Marty Cooper and Jessica Rosenworcel: Here's How to Expand Wireless Spectrum

Marconi Fellow Marty Cooper and FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wrote an article for the San Jose Mercury News urging "a contest to spur innovation to improve spectrum efficiency.,, The first person who finds a way to make spectrum use…