Avi Galil

Zvi Galil: Proving Grounds for a New Model for Higher Education

Marconi Board Member Zvi Galil, Dean at the Georgia Tech College of Computing, makes the case that online learning, developed properly, can result in learning attainments fully the equal of in-person classes—but doesn't necessarily think that…
David D. Clark

Dave Clark: Congestion is at Interconnections, Not ISP Core

Dave Clark of MIT is in the Internet Hall of Fame for his pioneering work. Recently, he has been examining major ISP networks to see where the bottlenecks are. His findings may surprise some people given all the talk of congestion and problems.…
Vint Cerf
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Vint Cerf: We owe to ourselves and to those who will follow us: improving the safety and security of the Internet while preserving its freedoms

Istanbul, September 1. At the Internet Governance Forum, Marconi Fellow Vint Cerf shared some thoughts after 40 years on the net. He called for "Cooperation and Collaboration on a global scale" in a speech in the style of Marcus Aurelius.…
John Cijoffi

Here's Vint Cerf

Vint Cerf led a Marconi Webinar August 25th, discussing his panel at the October 2nd Symposium, "Internet 2025 Can we keep it open and evolving?" He'll be joined by Marconi Fellow Len Kleinrock, Marconi Fellow Bob Kahn and Marconi Society Paul…
John Cijoffi

John Cioffi elected to Internet Hall of Fame + 10 gigabit 8x8 MIMO WiFi

2006 Marconi Fellow John Cioffi was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame April 8. The Internet Society writes, "Dr. Cioffi is best known as “the father of DSL.” It was his research that made the digital subscriber line (DSL) practical,…