Vision 2020 – Marconi Event at Georgia Tech

Kanchana Raman

Vint Cerf Keynote, Kanchana Raman on “Women in Technology” and Marconi Young Scholar Aakanksha Chowdhery at Georgia Tech

Palo Alto, CA • Kanchana Raman, the founder/CEO of AVION Systems, has agreed to join our final session at The Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholars Symposium. The event is March 31 at Georgia Tech. The topic is Women in Technology: Real World Challenges and Issues. Marconi Young Scholar Aakanksha Chowdhery and Marconi Fellow Vint Cerf will also be on the panel.

Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, will deliver the keynote address, Dynamics, Evolution and Explosion of the Internet (to Billions of Devices). Cerf looks ahead to what he foresees as the key future technological disruptions and its resulting challenges. How will we connect billions of devices in the physical world, from automobiles to security and home energy management, especially in developing nations?

This will be an interactive event highlighting world class innovation that Georgia Tech is known for.

Teams will show how their breakthroughs in information theory, telecommunications, computing and cryptography, can scale into applications powering both the enterprise and consumer applications of tomorrow. The event also provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to show posters of their work.

About the Marconi Society

The Marconi Society was established in 1974 through an endowment set up by Gioia Marconi Braga, daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, the Nobel laureate who invented radio (wireless telegraphy). It is best known for the Marconi Prize, awarded annually to an outstanding individuals whose scope of work and influence emulate the principle of “creativity in service to humanity” that inspired Marconi. Through symposia, conferences, forums and publications, the Marconi Society promotes awareness of major innovations in communication theory, technology and applications with particular attention to understanding how they change and benefit society.