Young Scholar Nomination Form

Use the form below to nominate a candidate to be a Marconi Young Scholar.

You will need to gather information on the candidate, their academic advisor, two references as well as four files for upload:

  • Current Resume and Publication List;
  • Two Page Description of the Students Research; and
  • Two Reference Letters.

You will also need to allocate some time to answer three questions (250 word maximum). Please have all documents ready to upload in a single session, as there is no ability to save work.  We will accept individual letters of support separately, if necessary, as long as they are received by the deadline. Email them to

Candidate Information (to be completed by nominator)

Academic Advisor/Primary Nominator Information

Reference 1 Information

Reference 2 Information

Additional Questions

To be completed by nominator.

File Uploads

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Maximum Upload Size is 2MB.
Maximum Upload Size is 2MB.