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Marconi Society Young Scholar Award: The Nomination that Can Change your Career

Guglielmo Marconi

“Long experience has taught me not always to believe in the limitations indicated by purely theoretical considerations. These, as we well know, are based on insufficient knowledge of all the relevant factors.”

Guglielmo Marconi

Are you laser-focused on innovations in communications and the Internet that will significantly benefit people everywhere? Have you persevered against incredible odds to show that your ideas will work and can change the status quo? If you are a visionary thinker, a tenacious champion of your research and a generous collaborator, there is an award designed to honor just these qualities.

The Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Award

Honoring the spirit of Nobel Laureate Guglielmo Marconi – scientist, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur – the Marconi Society encourages young researchers who are developing the latest innovations in communication theory, technology and applications that benefit society.

The highly prestigious award is granted to a few nominees from around the world each year and the Marconi Society is accepting nominations for the 2017 Young Scholar cohort through June 30, 2017.

Young Scholars exhibit the creativity, passion, persistence and grit that true change-makers need to have. Now in its ninth year, the award has honored Young Scholars who are now founders of innovative start-ups, technical staff at leading research institutions and national labs, and faculty and staff at prestigious universities.

The Young Scholar Award is unlike any other, offering unparalleled connections, networking and opportunity for social impact.

“It’s an incredible honor to be part of the Marconi Society and it gives me an amazing opportunity to inspire the next generation of women who are passionate about solving technology problems and are looking for ways to have that kind of impact,” says Aakanksha Chowdhery, 2012 Young Scholar and Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University.

Inspirational Networking

Young Scholars immediately become part of an intimate and powerful group comprised of both their fellow Young Scholars and distinguished Marconi Prize winners and Board Members.

Whether you want to discuss the Internet with Vint Cerf, wireless communications with Marty Cooper, security with Martin E. Hellman and Whit Diffie, GPS with Brad Parkinson or any of a host of other groundbreaking technologies with the people who created them, the Marconi Fellows engage to get to know the Young Scholars, to support them and to help them succeed.

The Young Scholars themselves are an formidable group. They interact frequently to create a network of peers across industries whose careers are progressing rapidly.

“It has given me a broad perspective on how one should do their research, taking more risk and focusing on a longer time frame. Marconi Fellows took huge risks on their careers, which clearly paid off,” said Rafael Laufer, 2008 Young Scholar and Researcher at Nokia Bell Labs. “The unique experience of knowing these researchers is almost impossible to get from outside, where you can know their work, but not their personalities. Knowing their personalities is key to understanding how one can truly achieve success.”

International recognition

The Young Scholar award gives immediate credibility to a researcher’s work. Recognized at universities, research institutions and within corporate research teams around the world, the award boosts the researcher’s profile and showcases their successful work.

“I found the award indispensable in establishing myself and making connections at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The publicity generated from the award provided a platform to share my PhD research with colleagues and—most importantly—to discover shared interests and form potential collaborations across the broad spectrum of scientists at ORNL,” says Joe Lukens, 2015 Young Scholar and Wigner Fellow at ORNL.

Social impact

Following in the footsteps of Guglielmo Marconi, who was dedicated to using technology to improve people’s lives, the Young Scholars are like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds who want to make a positive impact on society.

Together, the Young Scholars created the Celestini Project, designed to provide mentorship and support to technical undergrads in developing countries. The Celestini Project enables these students to use communications and networking technology to solve problems that are important in their communities. With the added support of the Marconi Fellows and Board, the Celestini Project is saving the lives of pregnant women in Uganda and preparing to improve safety on the roads of Delhi.

Nominations are Due June 30, 2017

Young Scholar candidates are nominated by faculty and mentors. We welcome applications from around the world and encourage diversity in gender, culture and area of study, as long as it fits with the Society’s overall mission of advancing the Internet and communications.

“Being a Young Scholar and part of the Marconi Society helped solidify my career goals toward meaningful contributions to the world. As engineers and scientists, we all have dreams of making an impact in this world with new ideas, discoveries and inventions. But often times it feels like trying to climb Mount Everest. The odds of failure are high. Doubts about your assumptions and strategy are constant. It’s definitely much simpler to give up and try to solve an easier problem. But after being part of the Marconi Society and listening to the legends of telecom tell their stories of diligence, heart break, persistence, and eventual triumph, it has given me the attitude and willpower to try to solve those really difficult problems” – Felix Gutierrez, 2009 Young Scholar, Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Parlevel Systems.