2015 Symposium on IoT Videos

The Marconi Society held a symposium at the Royal Society in London to honor our 2015 Fellow Peter Kirstein. Kirstein’s recent work has included papers on the Internet of Things so the event showcased innovative technologies for IoT.

Kirstein was joined by Fellows David Payne, Bob Kahn & Vint Cerf. The dozen speakers included Dame Wendy Hall and Jun Murai, “The Father of the Internet in Japan.” All on video below.

The video was produced in collaboration with the Internet Society and thanks to a generous grant from CISCO. Paul Brigner led production onsite.

Opening Remarks by Professor Sir David Payne
Infrastructure Requirements: Professor Peter Kirstein, UCL
Future Network Approaches — Panel Discussion
Mingxi Fan, Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm
Sami Susiaho,
Sky UK
Thibaut Kleiner, Director of IOT – CEC
Andy Reid, British Telecom
Panel Discussion and Q&A led by Vint Cerf
Digital Objects and IOT: Robert Kahn, CNRI
Discussion and Q&A: Identifiers, Interoperability, Big Data
Big Data and IoT: Prof. Dame Wendy Hall, University of Southampton
Security, Privacy, and the Civil Society
Panel Chair: Jane Holl Lute, Cybersecurity Council
Ross Anderson, Cambridge University
Antonio Skarmeta, Murcia University
Panel and audience Q & A
Chris Greer, NIST
Jun Murai, Keio University/WIDE
Luis Munoz, University of Cantabria
Panel and Audience Q&A
Summary/Wrap-up: Vint Cerf, Google; Marconi Fellow