5G Summit at NYU Wireless and Mobile Money event at Columbia CITI

CTO level executives from AT&T, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei join Stanford Professor Andrea Goldsmith and other researchers into the future of wireless at the Brooklyn 5G Summit April 23-25. It’s hosted by NYU Wireless, led by Marconi Board member Ted Rappaport. “It’s an extraordinary event at an extraordinary location.” Marconi editor Dave Burstein believes. “Professor Goldsmith predicts that 5G will raise wireless speeds 50x over today’s rates. These are the senior people who will be defining that future. Professor Rappaport in two years has built a world-class research center at NYU Wireless.”

April 28, CITI at Columbia University will host Mobile Money and Virtual Currency as Payment Systems for Clouds. CITI, led by Eli Noam and Bob Atkinson, is a longtime firend of the Marconi Society, which previously was administered at Columbia. Noam has been called the “leading public intellectual in communications” and CITI events are always strong.