Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marconi Society?

The Marconi International Fellowship Foundation was founded in 1974 by Guglielmo Marconi’s daughter Gioia Marconi Braga to mark the centennial of her father’s birth and memorialize his spirit of ingenuity in service to humanity. The Foundation was established to nurture, recognize and celebrate individuals whose innovations in communications technology have made a lasting contribution for the public benefit.

What is the mission of the Marconi Society?

The Marconi Society, Inc. recognizes outstanding individuals who have made lasting contributions to human progress through the invention and application of communications technology. Through symposia, conferences, the Young Scholars Program and the prestigious Marconi Fellowship Award, the Foundation strives to promote research among those whose achievements have characterized the partnership between sociology and science, paving the way for innovation through the integration of multiple disciplines. The Marconi International Fellowship Foundation awards its annual $100,000 honorarium for innovations in communications that benefit humanity.

How does one qualify for a Marconi Fellowship?

The Marconi Prize is granted each year to an individual or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of communications through scientific or technological discoveries and/or innovations. Recipients are expected to pursue further creative work that will add to the understanding and development of communications to enhance humanity.

How is one nominated for a Marconi Prize?

The Marconi Society, Inc. invites worldwide nomination of individuals whose work in the field of communications or information science and technology exemplifies the technical and research creativity and human concerns that characterized Marconi’s own contributions. The Marconi Society, Inc. welcomes nominations from learned societies and academies, and from individuals in universities, industry and public life.

Does the Marconi Society, Inc. accept contributions or sponsors?

The Marconi Society, Inc. welcomes individual, corporate and institutional sponsors and affiliates. Sponsors include many of the world’s most prestigious names in telecommunications, education and media.