The History

To commemorate the centennial of her father’s birth, Gioia Marconi Braga founded the Guglielmo Marconi International Fellowship Foundation (now the Marconi Society) in 1974, and served as its first chairman until her death in 1996. In creating the foundation that bore her 1909 Nobel Laureate father’s name, Mrs. Braga characterized the Fellowship as “unique…in that it does not reward a person for intellectual achievements alone, but seeks to recognize and sustain those spiritual aspirations that a creative thinker may wish to apply to the establishment of a better world in which to live.”

Originally headquartered at the Aspen Institute, at New York’s Polytechnic University, the Society relocated in 1997 to Columbia University’s Fu School of Engineering and Applied Science. The Society is currently headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Marconi Society supports ongoing public education programs that examine the societal implications of telecommunications technology. In 2004, to commemorate its 30th anniversary year, the Society launched its first Forum on a Civil Society, where a distinguished roster of guests considered the topic “Information Abundance: Promise and Peril?” Succeeding forums have explored such timely subjects as “Understanding the Innovation Ecosystem” (2010) “How will the Internet Survive?” (2011), “Technologies and Applications Driving the Future of Communications” (2012) “The Future Infrastructure of the Internet of Things” (2015).

The Marconi Society welcomes nominations for its annual prize from learned societies and academies worldwide, and from individuals in universities, corporate and public life. Nomination requirements can be found on our website on our Fellows Application page.

The Marconi Society is a 501(c)3 Private Foundation.