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COVID-19 Has Laid Bare The Digital Divide—Meet The Technologist, And First Female Recipient Of The Marconi Prize, Intent On Solving It

Originally printed in Forbes From the library of her Menlo Park, California, home, Dr. Andrea Goldsmith, 55, holds up a brick of a mobile phone next to her later model iPhone to demonstrate the evolution from 1G technology. On Thursday, Goldsmith became the first woman in the Marconi Society’s 45-year history to be awarded the Marconi […]

Marconi Fellows explain how coronavirus will change our future

Link to original San Jose Mercury News article As the internet becomes our economic, educational and social window to the world, six innovators that built this critical technology give their thoughts on our post-pandemic future. These visionaries are part of the Marconi Society, a foundation that inspires and connects those creating new technology for a […]

Connected Nation Podcast – 2020 Marconi Winner Andrea Goldsmith

On this edition of Connected Nation, we talk with Dr. Andrea Goldsmith, the first woman to be awarded the prestigious $100,000 Marconi Prize—dubbed the “Nobel Prize of Telecommunications.”  We discuss how her pioneering work has helped improve cellular and Wifi technology enabling billions of consumers around the world to enjoy fast and reliable wireless service. […]

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The Imperative to Close the Digital Divide

By Robert Tkach Robert Tkach’s engineering work vastly increased the transmission speed and capacity of optical fiber systems which underlie our global communications networks. Tkach has been recognized with the Marconi Prize, the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal and the John Tyndall Award. Many people are suffering health consequences from the coronavirus, either themselves or […]

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Industry Collaboration To Make Internet Services Work for All Consumers

By John Cioffi We Marconi Fellows have developed and fostered important pieces of today’s Internet that have been increasingly called upon to help people everywhere continue communicating, while “social distancing” and to help stem the pandemic COVID-19’s spread. Telecommuting, distance learning, and telemedicine have become essential services to billions globally during this time, greatly stressing […]


Five Women Breaking Barriers in Tech

By Samantha Schartman-Cycyk When we announced Dr. Andrea Goldsmith as the 2020 Marconi Fellow, she made history. How? Goldsmith is the first woman in Marconi Society history to be honored with the Marconi Prize for both her contributions to wireless networking and her leadership in changing the face of engineering to make it a more […]

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Enormous Value From the Network

By Tom Leighton Tom Leighton is a pioneer in creating the content delivery network services industry which now delivers trillions of content requests over the Internet each day. He is the co-founder and CEO of Akamai Networks and the recipient of the Marconi Prize, the IEEE Computer Society Charles Babbage Award and is a member […]


Communications and Medical Technology Will Combine to Save Lives

By Claude Berrou Claude Berrou invented the ground-breaking Turbo-codes which led to modern advances in wireless, satellite and radio communications and have been incorporated into billions of devices. Berrou is the recipient of the Marconi Prize, the Médialle Ampère and the IEEE Information Theory Golden Jubilee Award for Technological Innovation. A little over a hundred […]

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Shattering the Silicon Ceiling: 2020 Marconi Prize Awarded to Wireless Innovator Dr. Andrea Goldsmith

First Woman to Win Top Communications Science Award is Honored For Her Ground-Breaking Work to Deliver High-Performing Cellular and WiFi Services San Francisco, CA, April 30, 2020 – The Marconi Society today awarded the 2020 Marconi Prize to Dr. Andrea Goldsmith for her pioneering contributions to the theory and practice of adaptive wireless communications. She […]