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Get to Know 2020 Young Scholar Yasaman Ghasempour

This year, the Marconi Society named three Paul Baran Young Scholars, an award that recognizes emerging researchers from around the world whose work shapes the future of advanced communications technology. The 2020 Young Scholars, Yasaman Ghasempour, Vikram Iyer, and Piotr Roztocki, represent three distinct areas of research within communications. In this series of Q&As, we’re […]

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Progress or Empty Promises? Five Young Technologists Share Their Experience With the Gender Divide in Engineering

The research is clear: diversity in STEM has not improved equally across all fields. While biology and medicine have made strides in reaching gender parity, engineering and computer science programs continue to lag behind, leading to a continued mismatch between the designers of the products and infrastructures that connect us, provide essential tools and services, […]

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The Truth about the Digital Divide: Urban and Rural Barriers in the U.S.

By Roberto Gallardo When the COVID-19–induced public health emergency reached the United States in March of this year, parents and children were asked to work and take online classes from home. Businesses scrambled to set up an online presence or update their websites while many services shifted to online only. As days and weeks went […]