Nominations for the Marconi Prize

Use the form below to nominate a candidate to be the Marconi Prize recipient.


Nominations for the 2020 Marconi Prize closed on January 31, 2020. 

Please have all documents ready to upload in a single session, as there is no ability to save work. We prefer that you utilize the online nomination form below but will accept emailed letters of reference separately, as long as they are received by the deadline. Contact us if you have any questions.

Please note that all comments, written evaluations, names of references and votes by the Selection Committee are held in strict confidentiality to avoid the possibility of embarrassment or adverse effects on candidates, nominators or others participating in the process. This restriction is not intended to preclude gathering general information concerning a candidate’s achievements, personal and professional attributes, and career background from others, but such requests for information should not reflect in any way specific questions concerning a candidate. The names of candidates should be kept in confidence.

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Candidate Information (to be completed by nominator)

Type your candidate’s full name in UPPER and lower case format. Include the appropriate prefix (e.g., Dr., Mr., or Ms.). Also include your candidate’s telephone number and email address, if available.

Primary Employment or Faculty Affiliation/Other

Please format as if addressing a formal letter. We will use this address to notify winners.

Proposed Citation

Suggest the citation text to be used to recognize the major achievements of your candidate. The citation should refer only to achievements and qualities related to the Marconi Prize criteria. It should not exceed 20 words, and as far as possible, be free of technical jargon. (20 words)

Primary Nominator Information

Candidate’s Primary Field of Contribution

This should pinpoint the area in which the candidate had the most impact. (150 words)
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Specific Technical, Professional Engineering Accomplishments and Contributions Meriting The Marconi Prize

List your candidate’s achievements as they relate to the selection criteria listed on the nomination form. Please cite specific accomplishments of the individual candidate rather than the organization represented. (500 words)

Scientific Importance of Work

How has the candidate’s work set the stage for, influenced and advanced the field beyond your candidate’s own achievements? (500 words)

Practical Importance of Work

Describe the impact (technical, commercial, national, etc.) of your candidate’s engineering accomplishments and provide further evidence. Point out the specific benefit to mankind of the candidate’s work. (500 words)


Please describe the measurable positive impact the nominee has had on a community as a leader in the design, development and / or deployment of new communications technologies or public policies that promote social development, reduce the impact of disasters, conflicts or social crises and promote ethical and inclusive principles. (500 words)


We will consider the entrepreneurship of those who, through their ideas, inventions, advocacy and innovation, have jump started new industries and companies and played active roles on boards or in mentorship of others who are creating new industries and companies. (500 words)

Contributions of Record

List candidate’s publications, U.S. patents; and/or innovations/products/processes of proven societal impact. List only those with the most significant impact and also list the total number for each category. If your candidate’s work does not usually lead to publication in archival journals, you may cite articles from trade journals or general circulation publications. You may also cite the nominee’s tangible contributions, which may not be publishable because of commercial or similar considerations. However, these citations must clearly indicate contributions to engineering or to major technical advances. (attach document)
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Please provide contact data for all references. At least two references are required in addition to the nominator; up to five are permitted. No more than two of the nominator/references can be affiliated with the candidate’s institution(s) in the past 5 years. Please fill out the contact information and attach the letters of reference using the upload boxes.

Reference 1 (Required)
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Nomination Process

Please have all documents ready to upload in a single session, as there is no ability to save work. We prefer that you utilize the online nomination form above but will accept emailed letters of reference separately as long as they are received by the deadline. Email them to
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