Dave Burstein

Dave Burstein has written about broadband since 1999 at Fastnet.news, 5GWnews.com and Netpolicynews.com. He thanks the Marconi scholars for how much they have taught him.

Vint Cerf Visits Cuba

Vint Cerf Visits Cuba

March 19, 2016/by Hatti Hamlin
Ray Tomlinson

Vint Cerf Remembers Ray Tomlinson

March 6, 2016/by Hatti Hamlin
Marconi Fellow Len Kleinrock

Kleinrock, Kahn Appear in Werner Herzog Doc About the Net

February 7, 2016/by Hatti Hamlin
Marconi Fellow Bob Kahn

Bob Kahn – Historical Perspective on the Internet

January 12, 2016/by Hatti Hamlin
Bob Kahn Future of Internet

Bob Kahn on the Future of the Internet

January 5, 2016/by Hatti Hamlin
Value of an Online Computer Science Degree

The Value of an Online Computer Science Degree

December 20, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin
Claude Shannon

Claude Shannon Documentary Coming from IEEE

October 16, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Samueli: As Moore’s Law Slows, We Can’t Waste Transistors and Must Be More Creative

September 27, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Bob Metcalfe Tweets Marconi Young Scholar’s Amazing GPS

September 9, 2015/by John Verducci

Vint Cerf Explains Project to Stem “Bit Rot”

July 13, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Vint Cerf – What is acceptable and what is not acceptable use of the Internet?

July 12, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

NYU Wireless tops world rankings in 5G wireless

July 9, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Two Marconi Fellows Among Experts Opposing Special Government Access to Encrypted Communication

July 8, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Marty Cooper & Bob Kahn receive ITU 150 Award

May 14, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Vint Cerf at Columbia University on governance

May 14, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Joe Lechlieder, whose DSL is now in 500M homes

May 4, 2015/by Hatti Hamlin

Marconi’s Young Scholars are moving up, building companies

March 26, 2015/by John Verducci
Martin Cooper

Marty Cooper and Jessica Rosenworcel: Here’s How to Expand Wireless Spectrum

September 30, 2014/by Hatti Hamlin