Five women's headshots lined up against a hazy green background
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Progress or Empty Promises? Five Young Technologists Share Their Experience With the Gender Divide in Engineering

The research is clear: diversity in STEM has not improved equally across all fields. While biology and medicine have made strides in reaching gender parity, engineering and computer science programs continue to lag behind, leading to a continued…
Andrea J. Goldsmith, Marconi Prize Winner 2020
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Shattering the Silicon Ceiling: 2020 Marconi Prize Awarded to Wireless Innovator Dr. Andrea Goldsmith

First Woman to Win Top Communications Science Award is Honored For Her Ground-Breaking Work to Deliver High-Performing Cellular and WiFi Services San Francisco, CA, April 30, 2020 – The Marconi Society today awarded the 2020 Marconi Prize…

Digging Into Diversity, Inclusion and Ethics

Q&A with Andrea Goldsmith, Marconi Society Board Member and Chair of the IEEE’s Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Ethics Following her committee's latest recommendations to IEEE, Marconi Society Board Member and Stanford Engineering…

The Road Ahead for Wireless Technology: Dreams and Challenges

By Andrea Goldsmith What does the future of wireless look like? The next generation of wireless networks - 5G and beyond - will support ubiquitous communications between people and devices, including devices we cannot even envision today. These…