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How the World's Brightest Young Engineers Are Helping Us Connect Everything

By Paula Reinman Connecting everyone and everything in a safe and productive way is one of the holy grails of our time. Of course this means that you’ll be able to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones the moment it comes out. It…
A Techie’s Quick Guide to 5G, Marconi Society

A Techie’s Quick Guide to 5G

By Paula Reinman If you run in techie circles, you need to be ready to chat it up about 5G. It’s hot right now and here are some basics that can keep you in the conversation: What’s going on? On July 14, the FCC voted unanimously to…

Food for Thought: How GPS Improves Farming

By Paula Reinman This blog post is part of our GPS Files series, highlighting innovative uses for GPS. Going somewhere new? If you’re like me, the first thing you do is pop up your favorite mapping application. But did you know that…
Marconi Young Scholars
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Five Reasons To Become a Paul Baran Young Scholar

By Paula Reinman How often do you have an opportunity to build your own research reputation globally, interact with the leading luminaries in your field and be part of a fantastic community along the way? Answer: Not very often. The good…

Diffie and Hellman Honored at Black Tie Gala

Marconi Fellows Whit Diffie and Marty Hellman were awarded the $1 million Turing Award at a black tie gala on June 11th at the San Francisco Sheraton Palace. The award also makes them Heidelberg Laureates, an elite group of computer scientists…
Marconi Encryption

The Roots of Encryption: Scientists Censored, But Not Silenced

By Paula Reinman Anyone following the news knows about the ongoing conflict between government, the private sector and academia over the use of encryption technology. But did you know that the differences were in full swing forty years ago?…

GPS Files: Ugly Afterlife of Technology Products Revealed by GPS Tracking

By Hatti Hamlin What happens to your iPhone, laptop, or other electronic devices when you’re done with them?  If you sent something to a recycling center, you probably think it was disposed of responsibly, right? But think again. A two-year…
Marconi Society

It Still Boils Down to Personal Contact: Thank You, Cal Poly!

By Hatti Hamlin How often are we reminded that despite all our high tech tools of communication, the best way to get something done is to reach out to someone personally? Our newest Marconi Fellow, Dr. Brad Parkinson, was scheduled to…

Don't Blame It On GPS!

By Hatti Hamlin How often have you heard someone complain that “GPS got us totally lost”? 2016 Marconi Fellow Brad Parkinson, widely considered the “father of GPS”, has news for you.  “GPS is not to blame! It doesn’t tell you…

Should Taxpayers Fund Pure Research?

Why should taxpayers pay for research into arcane subjects such as how shrimp resolve fights without killing one another?