Marconi Society Coronavirus and Our Connected World
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From National to Global Security?

By Martin Hellman Martin E. Hellman co-invented public-key cryptography which is used to protect privacy on the Internet, assure the integrity of digital content and enable fundamental security off and online. Hellman has received…
Marconi Society Coronavirus and Our Connected World
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Ten Engineers Behind The Technologies We Depend On Share Their Views

By Vinton Cerf, Marconi Society Chair, Recipient with Robert E. Kahn of the Marconi Prize, the A.M. Turing Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Japan Prize and the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering for their technical contributions…
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The Technological Imperative for Ethical Evolution

By Martin Hellman Almost overnight, the Manhattan Project transformed ethical decision making from a purely moral concern into one that is essential for human survival. Recent technological advances, including genetic engineering, AI, and…

Can You Help Prevent Another Korean War?

By Martin E. Hellman Underlying the current risk of war with North Korea is the common misconception that diplomacy with North Korea has not worked in the past, so it will not work now. Secretary of State Tillerson has cautioned that “North…

Marconi Fellow, Martin D. Hellman: Let's Reconsider Russia

By Dorothie and Martin Hellman.  Moving beyond fear, anger and hate. RUSSIA’S 8,000 NUCLEAR WEAPONS make it the nation most capable of destroying us, and the poor state of Russian-American relations makes that risk larger than it needs to…
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Get Curious, Not Furious

By Martin E. Hellman Co-authored by Paula Reinman Saving Personal Relationships and The World What do nuclear disarmament, the dark web and good marriages have in common? To find out, just ask Marty Hellman, Marconi Fellow, Turing Award winner…