D.C. October 2nd: Seven Marconi Fellows, leading experts in communication, at Marconi Symposium

Do join the Marconi Fellows at our annual symposium, Internet 2025. It will be at the National Academies of Engineering and Science Building. It will also be webcast with the help of the Internet Society.

The presenters include:

Marty Cooper built the first cell phone.

Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf created what became TCP/IP and are often called “The Fathers of the Internet.”

John Cioffi is called “The Father of DSL” and also made important early contributions to MIMO.

Len Kleinrock at UCLA connected the first node of what became the Internet on September 2nd, 1969.

Bob Lucky’s work on adaptive equalization enabled modems to run four times as fast. He went on to senior roles at Bell Labs.

Arogyaswami Paulraj invented MIMO in 1993. MIMO today is in every WiFi router and most of the newest smartphones. His work on WiMAX is also crucial to the development of LTE.

Along with other prominent speakers.

No one knows networks as well as the engineers who built them.