Sir Arthur C. Clark

Arthur C. Clarke

Awarded the Marconi Prize in 1982

Cited for first specifying in detail the potentialities and technical requirements for the use of geostationary satellites for global communications; for other innovations in communications and remote sensing from space throughout a lifetime of promoting the benevolent use of advanced space technology.

Presented by: HRH Prince Claus of the Netherlands at De Ridderzal, The Hague

Clarke is credited with laying the framework for future geostationary communications satellites. While at King’s College in 1945, he published “Extra-Terrestrial Relays”, a paper which outlined the principles of communication using satellites in geostationary orbits. Dr. Clarke is a renowned writer of science fiction. His book, 2001: A Space Odyssey, was later made into a movie classic by director Stanley Kubrick.

Sir Arthur Clark died in 2008.