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Five Reasons To Become a Paul Baran Young Scholar

Marconi Young Scholars

By Paula Reinman

How often do you have an opportunity to build your own research reputation globally, interact with the leading luminaries in your field and be part of a fantastic community along the way? Answer: Not very often.

The good news is that this opportunity may be yours for the taking if you get a faculty member to nominate you by July 15.

Each year The Marconi Society, founded in 1974 to honor Nobel Laureate and radio inventor Guglielmo Marconi, recognizes scientists and engineers with the potential to make extraordinary contributions in the field of information and communications science with the Paul Baran Young Scholar Award.

There are some pretty great things about being selected as a Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar:

  1. Recognition: Young Scholars are recognized internationally through the Marconi Society’s global reach and membership, bringing credibility and exposure to your work.
  2. Networking: Young Scholars get to really know the best researchers in the field. Whether it’s Vint Cerf, Robert Kahn, Martin Cooper, Sir David Payne or any of the other distinguished Marconi Fellows, really knowing these leaders personally is so much better than just admiring their work from afar.
  3. Giving Back: Participating in the Marconi Society’s Celestini Project lets Young Scholars directly mentor and engage with students in developing countries.
  4. Travel: The Young Scholar Award includes a travel stipend to attend the Annual Awards Ceremony, putting you in great places at great events with great people.
  5. Powerful Cohort: Your cohort of Young Scholars is a life-long network of innovators whose careers are growing as quickly as your own. Your cohort will be your collaborators, your colleagues and your friends as you all strive to impact humankind for the better.

Oh – and you receive a $4000 prize in addition to the travel stipend.

If your research is really making a difference in information and communications science and you were born in 1988 or later, this could be your year. You need to be nominated by a faculty member or mentor, so talk with that person today since nominations are due July 15.

We look forward to hearing about your great work!