Here’s Vint Cerf

Vint Cerf led a Marconi Webinar August 25th, discussing his panel at the October 2nd Symposium, “Internet 2025 Can we keep it open and evolving?” He’ll be joined by Marconi Fellow Len Kleinrock, Marconi Fellow Bob Kahn and Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Joseph Kakande.

Joly MacFie of ISOC-NY made the best recording, below. Vint discussed Internet futures and also some key technical issues. He outlined steps that would prevent spectrum shortages and explained how wireless capacity could grow 50-100X in the nest 5-10 years. He discussed the battle between TCP-IP and OSI and other Internet history.

Forgive the moderator’s sound please. Transcript to follow. Due to a webex quirk, the recording identifies my moderation as Shannon Greene. It would have cost Marconi about $1,000 to fix that so I was happy to be called Shannon. We’ll try Google Hangouts next time for a better result.