John Stankey of AT&T: We need Fifth Generation gigabits for our customers

“We all want to price so people can use as much as they want,” Group President and Chief Strategy Officer Stankey said in the keynote of the Brooklyn 5G Summit. As people want more and more bandwidth, that will require wireless systems with far more capacity. Conference chair and NYU Professor Ted Rappaport, a Marconi Board member, believes millimeter wave wireless will be delivering gigabits in five to ten years. Stanford Professor Andrea Goldsmith outlined the possibilities of building up from advanced WiFi. Ali Sadri, chair of the WiGig Alliance, believes multi-gigabit shortrange 802.11ad chips are ready to come to market.

CTOs and senior executives from Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei outlined fast-moving plans to deliver equipment. It was a powerful event with some of the best engineers looking for common ground and to create a roadmap. AT&T announced a formal research partnership with NYU Wireless.

Interest from world class telcos like AT&T is inspiring the vendors to put literally thousands of engineers to work developing generation gigabits.