Marconi Fellow, Martin D. Hellman: Let’s Reconsider Russia

By Dorothie and Martin Hellman. 

Moving beyond fear, anger and hate.

RUSSIA’S 8,000 NUCLEAR WEAPONS make it the nation most capable of destroying us, and the poor state of Russian-American relations makes that risk larger than it needs to be. But how can we improve relations with a nation that forcibly annexed Crimea, leading many Americans to compare Putin to Hitler?

It might seem like a fool’s errand to suggest that we need to develop more compassion for Russia, but that is precisely what is needed to arrest a dangerous slide toward a new Cold War, with all the nuclear risks of the old one. It’s also what is needed if our nation is to live up to its claimed ideal of dealing fairly with all. Vladimir Putin is not Mr. Nice Guy, but neither is he the devil.

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