Marconi Fellow, Martin G. Hellman, Offers Advice to NYU Graduates – #NYU2017

Seventeen prominent NYU alumni offer words of wisdom to this year’s graduating class.

You’re graduating. Congratulations! And then what?! It’s totally normal to feel mixed emotions on Commencement Day, a milestone that marks both the culmination of years of study and the start of something totally (and maybe a little frighteningly) new. While it’s true that the first years of post-collegiate life (whether you’re taking a first full-time job, starting graduate school, or moving across the world) are exciting ones, filled with opportunity, they can also present some tough decisions. We asked some accomplished NYU alumni who’ve been there and built successful careers of all kinds to offer their advice to this year’s graduating class. The unifying thread in their answers? Keep an open mind. Here’s more from these star grads on what they wished they’d known back when they were the ones tossing those caps in the air.