Marconi Fellows explain how coronavirus will change our future

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As the internet becomes our economic, educational and social window to the world, six innovators that built this critical technology give their thoughts on our post-pandemic future.

These visionaries are part of the Marconi Society, a foundation that inspires and connects those creating new technology for a digitally inclusive world.

In six articles presented today, these tech pioneers offer us visions of the innovations needed and the dangers that lie ahead:

Vinton Cerf is widely regarded as the Father of the Internet. He argues for a change in our mindset that would make permanent changes in our behavior around energy use, global collaboration for large problems and serious planning for the next pandemic.

Whitfield Diffie is a Stanford University inventor whose work enabled a secure internet. He hopes that governments will realize that COVID-19 is a harbinger of biological warfare.

Martin Hellman worked in conjunction with Diffie to protect the privacy of the internet. He has a dream of how COVID-19 could transform the world in a positive fashion.

Bradford Parkinson led the effort to design and develop the Global Position System. He writes that the COVID-19 situation suffers from a lack of credible measurements. He quotes Peter Drucker: “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Arogyaswami Paulraj invented the technology that powers mobile and WiFi networks. He argues that we need far more innovation in telecommunications to build the medical infrastructure necessary to deal with pandemics.

John Cioffi knows broadband. His pioneering research created the technology that brought broadband to millions of consumers and businesses. He challenges internet providers to create a ‘home-centric’ life for all.