Marty Cooper and Jessica Rosenworcel: Here’s How to Expand Wireless Spectrum

Martin Cooper

Marconi Fellow Marty Cooper and FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wrote an article for the San Jose Mercury News urging “a contest to spur innovation to improve spectrum efficiency.,, The first person who finds a way to make spectrum use 50 to 100 times more efficient over the next decade would win. The reward could be spectrum itself — say 10 megahertz suitable for mobile broadband.That might sound like a small goal and a modest reward, but the impact could be really big. If the winner can find a way to use spectrum 50 times more efficiently, 10 megahertz of spectrum could do the work of 500 megahertz using today’s technology. … airwaves. Revolutionary opportunities lie ahead — if we find new ways to seize them.” John Eggerton at Multichannel News picked up the story and also Rosenworcel’s comment “the future would be finding a way to use spectrum outside that range, like combining really high-band spectrum (60 to even 90 GHz) with small cells.” Marconi Board member Ted Rappaport would agree with the use of high frequencies. He just gave a speech Millimeter Wave Wireless Communication for 5G Cellular: It will Work. Both Jessica and Ted are speaking at the 2014 Marconi Symposium, Attend in D.C. October 2 http://bit.ly/MSDCREG; the webcast, courtesy the Internet Society, http://bit.ly/1mi7HQH.