Vint Cerf: Marconi Society Chair and Google’s Internet Evangelist on the Next Steps in Connectivity

By Catherine Cheney, Devex

AUSTIN, Texas — Vint Cerf — one of the fathers of the internet and now “chief internet evangelist” at Google — drew a massive crowd at South by Southwest this week for his talk on “An Internet For And By The People.” He traveled to the festival in Austin, Texas, in part because he wanted to hear new ideas on ways to connect the unconnected — the 4 billion people worldwide who have never been online.

But he also provided a few ideas of his own. Cerf talked primarily about the work of the People Centered Internet, a group he co-founded that works with global development organizations including the World Bank on internet infrastructure projects.

Devex asked Cerf and his People Centered Internet co-founder Mei Lin Fung about the road ahead for connectivity. Here are takeaways from the conversation.