NYU Wireless tops world rankings in 5G wireless

Marconi longtime board member Ted Rappaport’s research center was listed as first in the world in rankings by Fierce Wireless, a leading online publication, Rated fourth worldwide was Stanford, where no fewer than four Marconi Fellows work. Stanford’s Arogyaswami Paulraj (2014) invented MIMO, crucial to 5G performance. John Cioffi of Stanford (2006) is best known for DSL but also did early work on MIMO. Marconi Board member Andrea Goldsmith also teaches at Stanford. #5, the University of Texas, is led by Robert Heath, Paulraj’s first graduate student.

Rappaport, Cioffi and Heath are all in the video produced for Paulraj’s award. There’s no surprise about that. Reporter Monica Alleven sought out top researchers and Marconi Fellows certainly qualify. Rappaport and Heath also collaborated on a textbook, Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications.

Marconi Fellows Paulraj, Samueli & Cerf have all projected that wireless capacity is likely to increase fifty times or more. At the 2014 Marconi Symposium, the session MIMO 2025: A 10x or 100x Capacity Multiplier? is a remarkable examination of the wireless future.