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Two Marconi Fellows Among Experts Opposing Special Government Access to Encrypted Communication

By Hatti Hamlin

Marconi Fellows Whit Diffie and Ron Rivest are among 14 preeminent cryptographers who have published a paper weighing in on British and U.S. Intelligence agency efforts to require tech companies to supply them with special access to all encrypted communications. The paper, the first in-depth technical analysis of the proposal to create a “digital key” for national security agencies, concludes that creating a digital key would leave the world’s most critical infrastructure and confidential data exposed to hackers. Ross Anderson, a Cambridge encryption expert who was the paper’s sole author in Britain, will be speaking on cyber-security at the upcoming Marconi Society Symposium in London.

Government representatives contend they need access to encrypted communication in order to monitor and prevent kidnapping and other acts of terrorism and sabotage.