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Young Scholars Give Back: The Celestini Project

By Paula Reinman

The Marconi Society exists to support scientific achievements in communications and the Internet that significantly benefit mankind. We are extremely proud of our Young Scholars for taking this mission to heart and creating the Celestini Project, which lets Young Scholars work with students in developing countries to create a sustainable wave of technology.

Through the Celestini Project, the Young Scholars engage with university students to help them use modern technology to provide social and economic transformation for their communities. By providing mentoring, guidance, workspaces and outreach, Young Scholars have already made impacts in Uganda and will expand their reach to India and China in 2017.

In Uganda, the Celestini Project focuses on reducing deaths arising from hypertensive disorders in expectant mothers. In collaboration with Makerere University and led by Young Scholar Joseph Kakande, the Young Scholars supported three student teams who developed applications to identify at-risk women and help them get treatment. The program is so successful that it is now being supported by Uganda’s largest hospital obstetrics program.