Marconi Society Coronavirus and Our Connected World
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The Imperative to Close the Digital Divide

By Robert Tkach Robert Tkach’s engineering work vastly increased the transmission speed and capacity of optical fiber systems which underlie our global communications networks. Tkach has been recognized with the Marconi Prize,…
Marconi Society Coronavirus and Our Connected World
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Industry Collaboration To Make Internet Services Work for All Consumers

By John Cioffi We Marconi Fellows have developed and fostered important pieces of today's Internet that have been increasingly called upon to help people everywhere continue communicating, while "social distancing" and to help stem…

Five Women Breaking Barriers in Tech

By Samantha Schartman-Cycyk When we announced Dr. Andrea Goldsmith as the 2020 Marconi Fellow, she made history. How? Goldsmith is the first woman in Marconi Society history to be honored with the Marconi Prize for both her contributions…
Marconi Society Coronavirus and Our Connected World
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Ten Engineers Behind The Technologies We Depend On Share Their Views

By Vinton Cerf, Marconi Society Chair, Recipient with Robert E. Kahn of the Marconi Prize, the A.M. Turing Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Japan Prize and the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering for their technical contributions…

Young Scholar Dinesh Bharadia Designs New Chip For Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi Connectivity

Link to original article. More portable, fully wireless smart home setups. Lower power wearables. Batteryless smart devices. These could all be made possible thanks to a new ultra-low power Wi-Fi radio developed by electrical engineers…
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The Fourth Use Case for 5G: Internet for All

By Qurrat-Ul-Ain Nadeem Internet Penetration Today By the end of 2018, there were nearly 4 billion people without Internet connectivity in the world. Primarily at the bottom of the world's economic pyramid, almost 75% of this unconnected population…

20/20 Vision for a Successful 2020

Warm greetings for a very happy new year! By Samantha Schartman-Cycyk I am Samantha Schartman and I am thrilled to introduce myself as the Marconi Society’s new Executive Director. I cannot think of a better time to lead the Marconi…
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Closing the Homework Gap For Native American Tribes

By Mariel Triggs and Matthew Rantanen It all began with the Havasupai Tribe on their stunningly beautiful reservation in Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park. Like nearly two-thirds of people living on tribal lands in the US, the…
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Building the Sustainable Internet with a Spirit of Cooperation

By Vint Cerf While much has been written about bridging the digital chasm and connecting the next billion to the Internet, it is slow going to make it happen.  Currently, 3.4 billion people do not have access to the Internet and the…